Organised groups may visit the Archabbey with a local guide. Group visits need to be booked in advance.

Besides visit to the monastery, we offer several programmes. For more information, please see the menu below.

Visitors are welcome to join the community for the midday prayer in the basilica at 1.00 pm every day.

Visiting the Abbey Winery, appointment should be made at least a day before arrival, for the weekend appointment should be made at least on the previous Friday until 12.00.

For further information about the way of the visit and the other programmes of the Abbey, please contact the staff of the TriCollis Booking Office.

Phone: + 36 96 570 191

Cell: + 36 30 412 3086


The Botanical Garden and Herbal Garden can be visited all year long. See opening hours.

Guided tour in Abbey

Renewable energy recourses in the Abbey

Special programs

Abbey Winery

Guided tour in Herbal Garden

Benedictine Mineral Water Bottling Factory

Botanical Garden

Team building programs

Unique Pannonhalma