The spring from which the VIS VITALIS mineral water comes has its source in the village Ravazd, near St. Martin's Hill in Pannonhalma.

The earliest data on the spring appears in Anonymus's work dating back to the early 1200s.

According to tradition, while fleeing from the Tartars King Béla IV. drank the water of the spring, which is why the locals still call it King Béla's well.

The legend is also supported by a charter dated back to 1238, which mentions the settlement and its source. Pilgrims were regularly led to the fountain from the late 1700s. According to many records, the source has curative effect and has been cited by many as the site of miracles.

We are proud that in Hungary only Vis Vitalis has the certification of Masaru Emoto, which is one of the professor's last jobs done personally.

Guided visit to the Vis Vitalis Benedictine Mineral Water Bottling factory in Ravazd is consisting of 2 parts:

  • History of the Béla’s spring
  • plant visit with a technology demonstration

Guided tour in the Benedictine Mineral Water Bottling Factory in Ravazd 

In English or German 1.500 Ft
Entrance and guided visit from 15 persons  

Duration: approx. 40 min.

Tickets include a bottle of mineral water (0,6 L)

Information and booking:

TriCollis Booking Office

Phone: + 36 96 570 191

Cell: + 36 30 412 3086