Lucien Hervé – The Silence of Architecture

“While building, I’m also building myself” /Paul Valéry/

An exhibition of the photos of sacral buildings opens at the Gallery of the Archabbey of Pannonhalma supported by the Judith Hervé, widow of Lucien Hervé.
The artist often mentioned as the “photographer of light, shade and the space” reinterpreted and reconstructed architecture in his career. His photographs of buildings in the absence of people are given a special emphasis in the Year of Silence since architecture also means Human to Lucien Hervé. “Human who he looked for in everything even if he avoided them on most of his photographs.”

“Previous exhibition designs of Lucien Hervé are reinterpreted in this exhibition, showing the sacral architecture of two thousand years. Hervé visited many countries of five continents due to his jobs as well as his own initiative. He started dialogues between forms and eras, known and unknown locations in his exhibitions and he passionately loved teaching vision. The selection presented here was prepared for the 900th anniversary of founding the Clairvaux Abbey. In addition to the well-known photographs, the organisers of the exhibition selected negatives from the archives of the artist which had never been developed and can be first seen in this exhibition. Hervé’s photography explores his entire personality: these sacral spaces deepen his trust in mankind, resonating to their secrets and the light passing through them with the sharp lens of his eyes, intellect and heart. “His mystery lies in this.” /Imola Gebauer/

Trustee: Imola Gebauer and Judith Hervé

The exhibition can be visited free of charge in the Gallery of the Archabbey of Pannonhalma (9090 Pannonhalma, Mátyás király u. 1-3.)
between 12th April and 11th November 2019.